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Laminated tubes forming machines for dental pastes and seamless plastic tubes forming machines for cosmetic applications.
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Laminates, labels, lacquered lids, co-extruded lids, and other flexible packaging materials for the food and dairy industries. Aluminum foil blisters and laminates for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
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EDV Packaging Solutions
Coextruded thermoformable sheets with and without barrier for the packaging of foods and drinks. EDV also produces pre-formed high barrier cups and trays for the food industry.
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Oystar Erca
FFS-machines for cups and small bottles and open-mould technology.
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Oystar Benhil
Wrapping machines for pasty foodstuffs, filling and sealing machines for pre-formed cups.
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Static, pendular, and rotary retorts for the sterilization of food, pharmaceutical, and textile products.
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Rheinfelden-Semis (R-S)
Aluminum slugs for the production of collapsible tubes used in the packaging of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and house hold products. R-S also offers slugs for the production of monobloc aerosol cans.
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