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Antioxidants and UV absorbers for paints and plastics.
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B.L. Acrylic Monomers
Full product ofoering of methacrylic monomers for the production of coatings resins and MMA for the production of acrylic sheets.
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B.L. Comfort and Insulation
Full product line of additives for the production of PU foams (silicone stabilizers, amines, tin catalysts, and processing aids).
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B.L. Silanes
Organo-modified silanes used as adhesion promoters for resins and paints.
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B.L. Silicas
Precipitated silicas, fumed silicas and matting agents with applications in several industries like rubber, food, coatings, agro, adhesives, pharma, cosmetics, among others. Evonik is worldwide leader in silicas, with its well known trademarks Aerosil®, Sipernat®, Ultrasil®, Sident®, and Acematt®.
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B.L. Crosslinkers and B.L. Coatings & Adhesive Resins
Isophorone, cycloaliphatic amines, polyisocianates, polyester resins for can and coil coating, meta acrylic resins for cold plastic road markings, among several other products.
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B.L. Tego ® Coating Additives
Complete product portfolio of additives for the paint and coatings industry: defoamers, wetting agents, leveling and flow agents, adhesion promoters, among others. Special resins: ketonic resins for printing inks and silicone resins for several applications.
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B.L. High Performance Polymers
Engineering plastics for the general industry. Polyamide 12 (PA 12) for injection moulding, extrusion, and for the production of medium pressure piping for the conduction of gas and combustibles. Hot-melts for fusible interlinings.
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B.L. Functional Solutions
High-performance solutions for the production and use of the modern biofuel. We can offer sodium methylate solution and potassium methylate solution.
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